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Believe in Tomorrow

I wonder if we, like the best garden designers, have the foresight to plan ahead? I came across the following question some years ago: “What will you do after your retirement?” Notice, the question is not during your retirement, but after. Some people may be fortunate enough to save for their later years, but how many are wise enough to ensure a better life after their retirement is over?

The Price Is Paid

Imagine a shoplifter being caught in a department store. He is held until the police arrive. The police officer then pays for the stolen goods, and gives them back to the shoplifter! That’s exactly what happened to ...

And what has this got to do with our eternal future?
Manchester, UK
The Prayer Place exists to help you connect with your Creator. We are based in the United Kingdom, and have often participated in spiritual fairs in the North-West of England, and also in London.
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