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Going Deeper
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1. Whether we love our life in this world or whether it leaves a lot to be desired, many of us long for transformation. Some even try one spiritual path after another, yet never find true contentment. Unsatisfied by what this world offers, we sense that there must be more to life than this.
God, I’m not sure if you’re there, but if you are, please help me find out what life’s all about.

2. It’s love that truly transforms us, and it was because of His love for us personally that our Creator stepped into history. Taking on human form in the person of Jesus, He not only revealed Himself to us, but He gave us the key to life: it is in relationship with Him that we reach our fullest potential. No other relationship in the world is as satisfying, challenging and reassuring as walking daily with the One who made you and loves you like no other. He accepts us as we are, but doesn’t leave us that way. Taking us on a spiritual journey, He reveals to us His power and His love as we walk closely with Him day by day.
God, if you truly love me and will accept me as I am, please reveal yourself to me.

3. Sadly this world has turned away from its Creator, the Author of Life, and we see the evidence of this daily in the news media. Even we ourselves cannot claim to be innocent in this regard. Who can say they’ve never had an unkind thought or have always put others first? The good news is that God offers each of us a brand new start and the power to live a new life. All we have to do is be honest with Him and ask Him sincerely to cleanse our hearts and take away our record of wrong. He can do this, because Jesus dealt with all of this world’s wrongdoing on the cross. Exchanging His perfect life for ours, He paid the price to set us free.
Jesus, I admit that I need your cleansing. Thank you for what you did for me; thank you for your love and forgiveness. Please transform my life and help me to love and follow you.

4. As we spend time talking and listening to God, we build that relationship with Him. There are many examples in the Bible of men and women who know God and have experienced great miracles in their lives. God is still at work today. He says to us all, “Seek me and live … You will seek me and find me when you seek me with all your heart.”
God, I want to experience your love and power in my life and to know you personally. Please help me as I seek you with all my heart.

Manchester, UK
The Prayer Place exists to help you connect with your Creator. We are based in the United Kingdom, and have often participated in spiritual fairs in the North-West of England, and also in London.
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