Sleepless Nights?

Lady watching the moon though her window.

Father of two, Gareth Wild, a production director from South-East London, has just achieved a momentous feat. It’s taken him six years, but he finally reached his goal last Saturday. His achievement is so unique that there are no known records of anyone even attempting this before. On completing his mammoth challenge, Gareth said, “I don’t want to make out this was too big a deal, but there was a moment of elation. It sort of goes from ‘going to do it, going to do it…’ to ‘did it. Oh, I’m disappointed now’, because the moment is done.”

So what has Gareth Wild accomplished? In six years he has parked in every one of the 211 spaces in his local supermarket car park (except the disabled and motorbike spaces); something that even he himself describes as “trivial” and “daft”.

He went on to say, “It was only six years ago when I said to myself, ‘Wow I could probably park in every single one of these spaces given enough time’, and time is on your side when you’re doing the weekly shop … I find enjoyment in the little banal things in life.”

I wonder whether Gareth ever had any sleepless nights wondering how he was ever going to reach his goal? Probably not. But many of us have had sleepless nights, particularly in the last two years, worrying over difficult situations that are just too much to cope with. So how do we overcome our anxiety and get some sleep?

One thing we can do at the end of the day, as we turn out the light, is hand those situations over to our Creator. Tell Him your troubles, and let go of them, so He can worry about them for you while you sleep. He really does listen – and act on our behalf. A wise man once said:

“Leave your troubles with God, and He will take care of you.”

Psalm 55:22

Some words that have really helped me at the end of the day are these:

“In peace I will lie down and sleep, for you alone, O God, will keep me safe.”

Psalm 4:8 (NLT)

Here is a prayer from UCB Radio’s “Word for You”:

‘Father, whatever anxieties are stopping me from resting peacefully, I give them all to You, knowing You care for me. Calm my racing thoughts and restless mind. Help me to be still and know You are my God. I bring my needs to You, and thank You for all You have already done. Help me experience Your perfect peace which will guard my heart and my mind. By faith I will lie down tonight without fear or anxiety.’

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