The Best Dad

During these last few months, some families have seen a lot more of each other than they usually do. Some have grown closer, some have been home-schooling, and sadly, some have been forced to live apart to protect others. But for some, life during lockdown has been an opportunity to be creative. One (unnamed) family had fun announcing their new arrival in two hilarious photos:

Another photo, which speaks volumes comes from Iran. It shows a daughter embracing her father in the street. Apparently he was embarrassed by what he considered his lowly role in life, that of a janitor. In fact, he had told his daughter not to tell anyone what he did, as he didn’t want her to be laughed at. Instead she posted the photo below on social media, along with the words: “My dad is a janitor. He is my pride. I love you, Dad.”

Sometimes we can be like that dad. We remember only too well our failures and our mistakes, and guess that our Creator would want nothing to do with us. Yet, the opposite is true. Our Creator is like a loving Father, the best Father, who delights in building a relationship with us His children. Whatever we have done, wherever we are in life, we are still His creation; He loves us and wants to help us grow to be more like Him. He is proud to be called our Father … so are we willing to allow Him to be our Dad?

“They will call to me, and I will answer them. I will be with them in trouble; I will rescue them and honour them.”
Psalm 91:15 (NCV)

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