Letting Go


Did you know that hoverboards, spray paints and more than four small bottles of nail varnish are all banned from being sent through the UK post – there are some things that people just don’t want to carry! And there are some things that we shouldn’t carry for our own good, e.g. washing machines and baby elephants!

If your New Year’s resolution for 2018 is to develop your spiritual side, then there really are some things that you shouldn’t carry any further into this new year. Just as in a romantic relationship too much emotional baggage can cause problems; negative attitudes, such as: jealousy, anger, unforgiveness, pride and selfishness, can hinder the spiritual relationship between us and our Creator. When we harbour these attitudes within us, we are closing the door to the love, peace and wholeness that God wants to pour into our lives. As the relationship experts eHarmony tell us: “Everyone has had difficulties to overcome, losses to cope with and heartbreak to heal, it’s an inevitable part of life.” But “In order to form a healthy relationship it’s necessary to be emotionally available. This means having space in your heart and head for new experiences to come in and for intimacy to develop.” [Emphasis mine]

To know God intimately is to experience the love of Jesus in a personal way, but if we are holding grudges or bitterness in our hearts, or depriving others of the love and respect that is due to them, there will be no space for our spiritual healing. Instead we need to let go of all negative attitudes. We need to release people from our unforgiveness, and in so doing we also release ourselves from the bitterness and tension that can build up within us. It’s time to let go of the past and look to the future. Focus on growing in your relationship with Jesus. Let His love and His peace fill your heart as you invite Him to heal your hurts and make you the loving, positive person that you were designed to be.

Jesus, I recognise my need for your love and healing to fill my heart. Please forgive me for when I have withheld forgiveness from others. I open up my life to you now; change me and make me new. I realise it may not be easy, but help me to love others like You do. Thank you.


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